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awareNet is supposed to be easy to use. We try to design awareNet in a way that it is self-explanatory. However, we know that everyone percepts a website differently, depending on the previous knowledge and social background. Perhaps you are looking for an explanation of a general function of awareNet, a specific way how to edit something, or you would like to report an issue. Depending on if you are a learner, a teacher or an admin, please find your appropriate help in the corresponding section below.

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Please see Google Code Project.

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Developers may also get involved with awareNet coding at Google Code.

Title: Index
UID: 163236736169790533
Created On: 2009-04-22 18:41:11
Created By: Richard Strickland
Revisions: 20

awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpg
by: Anna Wertlen
on: 2011-04-13 10:23:44
for: define security
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