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Clan Names

South African ethnic groups generally have surnames which are attached to clay important in amaXhosa. We would have a number of surnames thunder theclan. For instance, my clan name is Cethe. There are twenty-nine surnames, that I know of, that fall under this clan name. There could be more. Clan names are important to us because we still observe traditional rituals that we believe are instrum... [read on >>]
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By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, lelethu ginise, Nosipho Silo, nomaxabiso damane, Luzuko Jela, Nolubabalo Ralo, aphiwe gift ndzuzo, Thabang Banga, Gcobisa Mjele, babalwa demetria nquru graham, Aphiwe Mame, Iviwe Kila and 49 others.
Started: August 17th 2010 08:47
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:49


English is corrupting our kids

Our kids do not know their African language because most of them grew up in areas with mixed cultures. You will find out even on TV, the presenters mixing their African language with English when they are running a programme instead of sticking to their language. The programmes such as Takalani Sesame are also done in English. You will find out that our children translate the soapies i... [read on >>]
By: Nokwayiyo Sam, anelisa lukwe, funiwe coko
Started: August 10th 2010 10:59
Last Update: November 7th 2016 01:48


South African Quotations

Sayings, phrases, idioms, proverbs and/or witticisms have original sources. There are interesting phrases that people coin (sometimes unwittingly) when in an interview. You read a newspaper or a magazine article and you come across these. Sometimes a writer is so used to his sayings - or is not quite aware that s/he is saying something spectacular - that he mixes them discretely in his work. ... [read on >>]
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By: Thozamile Enock Ngeju, Albert Yovo, Nosipho Silo, Msikeleli Moli
Started: October 12th 2009 09:51
Last Update: November 23rd 2011 07:49