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Social Documentary Project - Ntaba Maria Grade 8

We want to create a short video documentary about a topic which is relevant to learners in the local community of Grahamstown. Is there a story you want to tell from the area you live? It could be about something positive or negative. It could be about the present, the past or the future.

1. Athenkosi Matakane said:


Fingo village is a place that people like to go in Gtown because of the awesome things that people do like sports,traditional entertainment and lot of history in fingo.


2. How burning rubbish can affect our environment

Burning rubbish can pollute the environment. It can also make people sick and might cause them diseases that may affect their health. Some places here in Grahamstown have very near dumping places ...

by Masithembe Nofemele


3. Introduction

We are going to talk about pollution around the world. Pollution has a bad impact in many places. It can cause air pollution and many people can get sick or be infected in their immune system. In Grahamstown we also have a problem about pollution and most of this happens in dumping sites or landfill sites.

Pollution is very dangerous because most of them are very close to homes in there are children who can be affected by the ...

by aphelele Isaac


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