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CM Vellem Drama Project

I am Rosa Brandt, an Honors Drama student and I will be running an Applied Theatre based Drama group CM Vellem studen

Applied theatre is about using drama and theatre techniques to help communities explore their lives and communicate with each other, it is a way of working with people to help them access and explore themselves and problems in their lives through the medium of Drama.

We will be exploring different games and ideas of Drama working towards creating some scenes and maybe a play, exploring things that the students want to look at and using drama as a tool for creativity and communication.

The Group will be up and running by the beginning of Third term and will continue to the end of the schooling year.

Cant wait to get started!

More updates Soon

1. Blogs Written by the C.M Vellem learners about their Drama Sessions

To see the original blogs and more Click Here

A Few Blogs from this term:



yerstarday we did poor people and people ask you questions and answer the question you asked

by Siphosihle Mbunge September 26th 2012 01:57

My drama session.

On Tuesday we did some acting and took pictures. We also had an audience to watch and ask questions. It was so lovely n nic to finaly take some pictures!!!!

by Lindokuhle Jawa September 26th 2012 01:57

my druma session

we did same games and we take same pictures and after we take pictures we did same aireting and we ask same questions about the aireting.

Zizipho Silanda September 26th 2012 01:57

My session with rosa

It was good ,and fun.we played nice game and we act.and we make some was good and fun. i think next time will make sins again.ACE teacher us a lot of thing.Rosa teach us respect

Siphuxdo Centwa September 26th 2012 01:57


tuesday drama setion

On TUESDAY we were doing games nd mny things nd wright stories.

Gobisa Toto September 21st 2012 11:07

Tuesday section

Tuesday we were at Rose and Ace and we explain a picture in groups and we act an example of those pictures and we also play some little games and we have some but we all aways have some fun.

Thandokazi Zatu September 21st 2012 11:07


We did same games and we write about same pictures that ace give us and were have a lots of fun because we were laghting and dancing

Zizipho Silanda September 21st 2012 11:06

drama section

we were given pictures of people and act about it and we did a game like who you are were you from thats all we did

Zanele Madlabathi September 21st 2012 11:04

My drama session.

My drama session with Rosa and Alex

On Tuesday Rosa brought her teacher to watch us being taught. She gave us pictures to change into a picture story.

And to make a still image out of it we kind of did, and played some games!!!!

Lindokuhle Jawa September 21st 2012 10:55


it was very nice and I realy enjoyed it because it realy took my mind off thing

Basson Kwanele


Machengondile Menke said:

Tuesday,s session it was very good i like it and it was fun.every week we find new game that we play thankyou


story telling

i lake my father fating lake man to man but i dont lake police take my father mainy people waching my father

Banathi Matyhumza September 12th 2012 02:43

My story picture

three mans on that picture and I felt so like I take them to report to the police.I felt so wrong because the guys dont want another guy to to joined them anyway they were right because the are doing wrong things,like smoking dagga.

and i just give a message to someone ( DO YOU NOT SMOKE ANYTHING ).

Thandokazi Zatu September 12th 2012 02:42

story picture

The story in the pic is about the fighting parents and laughing boys or sily boys wich are louhging Aat them.

Mbulelo Simani September 12th 2012 02:40

The Prostitute

I like to be a policelady because they are many thinks outsidee that happens like prostitution is not right in our lives.

Ntomboxolo Makhinza September 12th 2012 02:39

picture story

Dear diary.

Me and my husband went to a night club lastnight we ,had a good time. looking deep into each others eyes we felt a strong conection. It was like we were meating for the first time.

Lindokuhle Jawa September 12th 2012 02:37


Drama setion

we do poor people and rich people

Siphosihle Mbunge August 29th 2012 02:48



Banathi Matyhumza August 29th 2012 02:31

drama session

Hi everybody

Iwant to tell you about drama session it was funny Rosa and Ace make us happy and we done many games it was fun.

Lulama Nanto August 29th 2012 02:28

Drama section

Next weak we do some game forst and nather pesorn was a alowest persorn and we took about pechars and we do for the last cheans a game.

Ntomboxolo Makhinza August 29th 2012 02:28

Drama session1

yersterday we were doing some game like when a person said who you are were you from and anather person said iam zanele from zimbabwe it was nice to be there


Drama setion

YESTARDAY IT AWS COOOOL AND FUN.We lean lot of things at drama Roser and Andile teahces us lots of things its cooooooooooool to be with Roser and Andile.

Gobisa Toto August 29th 2012 02:22


IT was good to have rosa and ace.we learn how to make sins and some other staff.and we play game it was fun.i hope next time we be learning new thing.

Siphuxdo Centwa August 29th 2012 02:21

My drama session

On tuesday we played some games that Rosa showed us. It was fun i enjoyed myself so much! She also gave us some pictures and told us that next week we will have to discuss what happend in the picture!!!!

Lindokuhle Jawa August 29th 2012 02:16


my secion with rosa

It was good to have rosa on tuesday i learn same good thing to ace and rosa it was good 2 have them on tuesday we same different thing

Siphuxdo Centwa August 23rd 2012 11:13

acting as somebody

When are you finish at school you chose a career you want to be like doctor police.teacher I was a doctor you show how the doctor works and we do some story the name of the story it was Nomsa and solani it was good.

Ntomboxolo Makhinza August 23rd 2012 11:02

My session with Rosa

Last tuesday Rosa told us that we need to think of what we would like to do for the scenes that we will shooting soon!!!!

Lindokuhle Jawa August 23rd 2012 10:45


My first drama session after the holidays.

The drama session was very fun I had a good time. I hope you bring Ace more often it was fun having him around.

Lindokuhle Jawa August 1st 2012 02:32


2. Picture Stories

Picture A

Picture shows a night club with various people, there are a couple dancing and a women in a short skirt laughing.

These people are having a fun time at the party. The couple are a married couple who went out to have a fun time, the girl laughing has gone out with her friends to have a good time. The couple have been married six years. The husband works as a lawyer, the wife is a doctor who works at the hospital. The girl in the skirt goes to university and is studing to be a teacher.

Picture B

There are three boys allong with a women holding a child standing outside a house. one of the boys is standing in the gate, the other two are outtside leaning against the wall.

They are watching a fight between the father of the household and the police man, who had entered the house because they suspected the three boy were theives. The boys are not, and where upset by the acusation, the father has defended them and is now fighting with the police man. the one standing in the gate had a matric deploma, the other two are still in school. The are all brothers, same father. The mother works as a domestic worker, she works far away and has a long commute. The boys take care of the baby as well as the father who is currently unemployed.

Picture C

There is a woman being held by a policeman who is facing her. She looks quite unhappy, in frount of her is a balding man who has his hand on her sholder.

The woman is a prostitute who borrowed money from a loan shark, the man on the left with his hand on her sholder. The loan shark had been bullying the prostitue about the money. she decided to go to the police to report him and to protect herself. The police brought him in to ask him some questions and when he saw the prostitute, he got angry and threatend her again. The police are also holding the prostitute because it is illegal. The loan shark has a wife and children. She borrowed the money to buy food and clothing for herself.

Picture D

The picture shows three young men who are looking angry and upset, in some sort of room.

The three men are disturbed by one of their friends, while they are smoking dagga in an abandoned bathroom just outside of the township. They dont want to be disturbed by this friend, he wants to join their crew but they dont want him to. They suspect this friend might tell the police what is happening.

Picture E

There are three people standing outside of a wooden house, an angry women in an apron stands on the right, in the middle is a woman in a hoodie who looks sad, to the left is a man in a hoodie with his cap facing backward who holds some papers.

Thes people are going to be evicted from their house, the police have come because they are settled illegaly they are very poor and dont want to lose their house.


3. Pictures of the Drama session with movements

Doing Scenes without talking can sometimes be preformed when acting,in this picture gallery learners had to chose to show off what they do first thing in the morning when they wake up without saying anything and once the learners had shown what they do.The others learners had to guess what that person was preforming.A variety of acting was done without talking.The other fun thing they did was standing in a circle doing different movements while the others had to follow and when the wrong movement was done the losing one had to sit in the middle.A game of words was also played the one had to say a word that sort of matched that word and when it didn’t match the losing speaker also had to sit in the middle.The meaning of this session was to express acting without words and learning how to move while acting saying the right words at the right time!


4. Forum Discussions about the DramaSessions and Project

We discussed many topics during the project. You can find our discussion here:

Forum Discussions

We would be very happy if you join our discussion!!! :-)


5. Rosa's Reflection about the First Half of The Drama Project

Hi awareNet

Great to talk to you again!

Sorry for my long absence and lack of posting. Life has been getting really hectic lately. Its over half way through the C.M. Vellem Drama Project, so I wanted to give you an update on the first 6 sessions that we had. How they worked, what we did and how they went.

The first two sessions were relatively introductory. I played a lot of games and theatre games with the learners, and learnt something about them. It was an opportunity to really work with new people and get to know each other while learning how to use drama as a way of communicating, having fun and being creative. We introduced ourselves with our names said in a special way along with some kind of movement as well. This was just the first two times, but I have such a terrible memory I still can’t remember everybody’s names!

I showed them the concept of walking around the space. This might seem really simple, but its not just about walking, it’s about moving and filling up the spaces that keep changing as people move. Once they had the basic structure then we played games with them moving. Joining the people with the same birth date as you, with the same number of siblings, favourite colour, or age. It gave me an opportunity to learn about the learners and them an opportunity to learn about me and the other people they would be working with.

By the second section we were working with some storytelling basics. I asked them to find ways to show a particular story that they as a group could decide on. There were several brilliant examples, one was an adaptation of the zebra and some kind of bird. It was a lot of fun to see everybody moving around. Using their bodies. We did tables of every day school situations and one was a teacher punishing a student for not doing homework. At the end of one of the sessions we had a two lovely sounds capes, one was a taxi rank the other a school during break. We made a musical environment using every day sounds in these places. I think it was one of my favourite experiences in the first few weeks .

By the third session Andile (Ace) had joined us to help me facilitate the project and help with translation. Sometimes things are difficult to explain, especially since I can’t speak any Xhosa and some of the instructions were getting left a little to the way side. We played a difficult game where in pairs you alternate counting to 3. So if you have an A and a B, then it would go A:1, B:2, A:3, B:1, A:2, B:3, A:1 and so on. It’s much more difficult than you think; try it out with a friend! And to make it even more difficult and complicated you then swop one of the numbers for a word, a sound or a gesture, until there are no more numbers. It’s a lot of fund, but requires concentration.

The third session we acted out a few more every day roles that the learners might find in their community. As well as using props and turning them into other objects, a bottle can be a broom, it can be a car wheel, it can be a cellphone. We challenged each other constantly to find new ways of using ourselves and objects to make other people see what we are trying to show them. We then discussed the various roles that the learners play in their own lives, daughter, niece, cousin, netball player, learner, dancer, actor and how we feel about these different roles.

This is getting rather long. But I hope you enjoyed learning about the first three sessions. It was great to see the learners slowly gain confidence in their ability to imagine and create using their bodies and their minds. Tune in next blog when we role play even more interesting scenes through the next three sessions.

See you on the flip side.



6. Practising Time!


7. 3 Scenes presented by the CM Vellem Learners

Never steal again

The story is about two guys who were smoking so the old man told them to stop smoking. and he said you want job. and these two guys said yes. and said Monday morning to have same new job for them the story is about smoking.we are trying to encourage new generation to don’t even think about smoking. we also try tell the world that we live not to waist money to something that wont help you. i think smoking is wrong.young generation must learn the best for them so that they cant loose at any thing that they do we also try to help old people to stop send us alcohol and other dangerous stuff. the world is few with one person.

The story is helping the community to make the right decision for them self’s.the story help the people not to do drugs and alcohol


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Our story it is about stealing cars.In our story we were having a conversation about hijekers of cars.In our story we were having children that do not listen to their father and the policewoman came to told the father that the children highjacked the car in town.The father was shouting to the policewoman.The father does not want to listen to the policewoman and the police woman said that do you want some and the ''father said''did you have the proof.the ''policewoman'' said i have it.the father say can i see it and the policewoman said yes showed him the proof.the father was shocked and he called his boys to come out. and show them this picture of their faces.the father said to the policewoman get out of my house and they fight.


Our scene was about a wife who did a party with out her husbands permission her husband got back from work, he was so furious with her wife. The wife's friends were gossiping about their girl friend which is the wife.

There was also a DJ who was having an affair with the wife, the DJ had a fight with the husband over the wife. The husband chased the friends and the DJ out of the house. The husband made peace with his wife because he had lot of love for his wife.

The actors

Lulama Nanto

Lindokuhle Jawa

Andiswa Mpako

Siphosethu Binda

Ntomboxolo Makhinza

Zanele Madlabathi

Zizipho Silanda

Siphokazi Mantile

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8. Last Session of the Year: Playing Games

Rosa did the last session for the year with the learners by playing games just to recap what they have learnt in previous sessions playing games it was a great end to the year.


9. My final thoughts on the Drama learners!

Halo Im Terri my thought on the drama group:The learners were very shy and not very talkative when they started on the Drama project not really revealing their true feelings about Drama.But as they attended more practical sessions with Rosa and and getting more involved with the Project their true Drama Colours started showing.From being shy Grade 8 learners to preforming like real actors on stage these learners couldnt get enough from acting.I think this project has been very successful and the learners has gained good knowledge when it comes to acting.


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