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Peace Day Project

In this project we learn the meaning of the word Peace The learners on this project did Forum questions about Peace<blogs were written about the meaning of Peace,Picture stories were written about peace.Creative Poems were written about Peace and a winner from each school will be chosen and they will create there own Posters displaying the posters against the fence at the Joza Youth Hub... [read on >>]
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Andile Ntengo, Sosindangaye Kahlana, Yama Mahambehlala, Sanda Lukwe, Zimkhitha Ntswaxa, Vuyolwethu Soxujwa, Onela Dikana, Sinoxolo Binda, Asemahle Sergeant, Mihlali Peter, Sgqibo Mpako and 134 others.
Started: September 8th 2015 08:46
Last Update: September 29th 2015 09:33


The Health and Fitness Project

What does it mean to be fit and healthy in this project we will discuss all issues that got to do with fitness and health.We will talk about the sport we love to play to keep fit,we will play some sport and also have motivational talks on sport fitness and health...... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpgnatalie.jpgimages.pngpeace anf forgiveness.pngDSCF6113.JPGDSCF6113.JPGyoung people.jpegimagesCAL2BI1Y.jpg
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Anesipho Khobusi, Liyema Mpuntshe, Aphelele Lombo, Sinesipho Goduka, Sivuyiseni Tshitshi, Zanele Mpangiso, Okuhle Yoli, Nopinky Kula, Babalwa Skaap, Achuma Ntlanjeni, Loyiso Skeyi and 61 others.
Started: April 16th 2015 09:03
Last Update: June 29th 2015 09:39


Archie Group 2 - Scifest 2015

we ceated a poster for the project that we are doing.... [read on >>]
By: Lukas Scharnberg, Bili Asisipho, Kulati Lulutho, Ncwadi Lindokuhle, Nduna Siphokazi, Sinesipho Teyise, Tinta Maphelo, Xashimba Sinovuyo
Started: February 19th 2015 02:48
Last Update: March 18th 2015 11:16


S.D.A. School - Scifest 2015

We are a group of young learners from Grahamstown S.D.A Primary School who have different views of life. Who came together to put a project together for the science festival. Though we have different views of life we share one thought that when one is born one can never imagine that you can one day end up in an office.... [read on >>]
By: Lukas Scharnberg, Lerato Jenje, Chulumanco Mjekula, Esihle Ndyolashe, Sibabalwe Ntsho, Mandla Payi, Siphokuhle Soya, Nathina Tanda, Alizwa Xonxa, Nasiphi Zita
Started: February 17th 2015 11:50
Last Update: March 10th 2015 10:01


Good Shepard(B) life after school

... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpg522e0813e63781fe9373f61060fcfa86.jpgtinashe_WEB.jpgUntitled.pnglittle mix.jpg0c64457b86a49a48837f150743cc8e0f.jpgimagesCA6Z9V4C.jpg
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Anowcebo Ngcete, Ambesa Tawule, Mihlali Ntweni, Likhona Mpepo, Sinombango Nqweniso, Othandwayo Dasa, Mihlali Dyeshana, Sinoyolo Thomas, Pamela Siga, Mihle Rwexu, Anoncebo Ngete
Started: March 3rd 2015 08:05
Last Update: March 6th 2015 06:28

Good Shepard(A) life after School

... [read on >>]
IMAG0484.jpgawarenet.pngzininzichris brown.jpgMuvhango-Thandaza-1-483ab-CREDIT-SABC2.gifnatalie.jpg
By: Terri-Lynn Penney, Siyaxolisa Bodla, Zininzi Feni, Khanya Lugongolo, Aphelele Gwata, Ntando Dyaloyi, Cecil-Sam Baartman, Liphelo Mpolweni, Luyafezwa Kelemi, Mekayla Jordaan
Started: March 3rd 2015 07:37
Last Update: March 3rd 2015 07:37


Our Career After School(KHUTLISO DANIELS 9a)

The project is about our career after school(goal's or dream's).After school some of us want to be doctor,pilot,Presenter,gaudiocologist.We want to archieve our dreams,after we archieved our dreams we are going to be the best and helpful gaudiocologist,doctor,newspresenter,pilot. ... [read on >>]
images.pngDSCF6113.JPGDSCF6113.JPGpeace anf forgiveness.png
By: Sinesipho Goduka, Zanele Mpangiso, Okuhle Yoli, Sive Faxa, Asiphesona July, Sivuyiseni Tshitshi
Started: February 23rd 2015 09:23
Last Update: March 2nd 2015 09:19
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peace.jpeg Peace Day Project
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