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Peace and Music Project 2014

Song writing and rehearsals More than 40 learners from 5 schools participate in the Peace Day Project every year. Corinne Cooper, Lunga Heleni and Zukani Budaza train the learners in song writing and song composition for almost two months. The learners aged between 12 and 15 write the lyrics and melodies of their songs themselves. The songs are about awarenet, peace and love. The backing is given ... [read on >>]
Excursion to the mountains.JPGIMG.jpg70.3.JPGawareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgIMG_1522-pola.jpgPassbild.JPG100_4458.JPGlilitha.jpg
By: Antje Hering, Rieke Heitmüller, Terri-Lynn Penney, Anna Wertlen, Julia Moser, Lukas Scharnberg, NDOKWENI ONKE, NDZENA AKHONA, NGWALANGWALA LUVO, NIKELO YAMKELA, NOYILA LUYOLO, NTAMO ASISIPHO and 101 others.
Started: July 21st 2014 02:44
Last Update: July 30th 2014 11:08


Lifeplayer project 2014

I am Rieke, one of the two German volunteers and I created my first own project, called „Lifeplayer project 2014“ for you. I would like to record some fables, stories and poems on the Lifeplayer with you, write our own lyrics and have some interesting discussions and blogs on awarenet. So let’s do it! I hope you’ll enjoy it! :-) The Lifeplayer: ... [read on >>]
IMG.jpgall of usnina.jpgJosu.JPGIgone.JPG
By: Rieke Heitmüller, Sarah Hanton, Siphosihle Mboyo, Elrone Prince, Anesipho Nombombo, Siphosethu Mboleka, Yelatha Baartman, Yamkela Mcatsha, Josu Gallastegi, Igone Lasuen, Anga Maphaqa, Anelisiwe Sakaza and 2 others.
Started: February 5th 2014 03:27
Last Update: July 24th 2014 10:20


Basque Country

we(igone and josu) are from the Basque Country and we want to tell you about the Basque Country. The language we speak is Basque and today is the Basque day. ... [read on >>]
Igone.JPGJosu.JPGCLX-3180_20121031_14111707.jpgawareNet song video shoot - 47.jpgExcursion to the mountains.JPGIMG.jpg
By: Igone Lasuen, Josu Gallastegi, Gurutze Calvo Ugarteburu, Anna Wertlen, Antje Hering, Rieke Heitmüller
Started: December 3rd 2013 09:32
Last Update: December 3rd 2013 09:41

lifeplayer teaching session 1.jpg

Life Player

The LifePlayer project is a collaboration of the British Council, the South African Department of Basic Education, the Victoria Girls High School awarenet group and Rhodes Drama, Digital Arts and Journalism students to produce teaching and learning resources to help with English Literacy at the Primary School level. Voluntary groups teamed up to record children's poems, stories and songs ... [read on >>]
download.jpgPosing for the camera can be fun!
By: Zimbini Mjandana, Milagre Lang, Vongai Chindeka, Soqhama Peter, Elizabeth Lemmer, Lelethu Bodlani, Sihle Sesethu Jacobs, Silubonile Ndungane, Alexandra King, Kyra-Aynsli Davies, Siyamtanda Nkwandla, Caitlin Lambert and 16 others.
Started: January 31st 2013 02:13
Last Update: November 7th 2013 12:23


Inkululeko project

Inkululeko Empowering youth in South Africa through supplemental education and opportunity. Task To provide South African township youth with the skills, support and guidance necessary to apply, attend and succeed in university; to challenge the bigotry of low expectations for township youth; and to provide sustainable, positive change – student-by-student, generation-by-generati... [read on >>]
IMG.jpg70.3.JPGExcursion to the mountains.JPGDSC00776.JPGDSC00780.JPGDSC00769.JPGDSC04480.JPG
By: Rieke Heitmüller, Terri-Lynn Penney, Antje Hering, Anesipho Adam, Sinoxolo Duda, Nomthandazo Dude, Sandisiwe Guzi, Hoyi Andile, Noluvuyo Kameni, Olwethu Kepe, Anesipho Mantinisi, Anathi Ngesi and 15 others.
Started: October 4th 2013 12:04
Last Update: October 15th 2013 11:45

awarenet tutorial

... [read on >>]

By: Kerushan Pilay
Started: October 10th 2013 03:05
Last Update: October 10th 2013 03:05


What CAN we learn from each other? - What do we WANT to learn from each other?

Internationale Zusammenarbeit ist ein großes Thema. Alle haben erkannt und anerkannt, daß es wichtig und sinnvoll ist Aber wie kann das eigentlich aussehen? Was können und wollen Schüler eigentlich voneinander lernen? Wie können Lehrer einander vielleicht helfen? Was macht ein erfolgreiches internationales Projekt aus? ... [read on >>]
awareNet song video shoot - 47.jpg
By: Anna Wertlen
Started: September 20th 2013 02:36
Last Update: September 20th 2013 02:50
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DSC04399.JPG Lifeplayer project 2014
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Peace and Music Project 2014
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