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Peace Day Song recordings

peace day song record

When we record the the i was happy because it was my first time to record the cd in the studio.there are more micro there and it was hectic to be there i will never leave awarenet any more because they help me to know how to use a computer i wish at my new school there will be awanet.

By: Zikhons Mahlakohlaka on November 19th 2014 11:59 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

At 18 November2014 we were recording our peace song at Rhodes university.It was a great time with Terry and the other people who helped us when we record our peace song.We enjoyed a lot and we learn there.The most time we enjoyed is when we were recording our chorus and others were dancing moving around.

When we arrived we sat at a park, we were waiting for Lukas to take us to the recording room.We were so happy because we were taking funny pictures and thats what we enjoyed mostly.We played with Lukas and he is the one who was taking funny pictures with us. We enjoyed a lot playing with Lukas, he is a nice person because were playing funny games with him.He teached us games that we did not know. Games that we did not understand because uf the nice person he is ,he teached us and he made us understand every thing.

By: James Silindokuhle on November 19th 2014 11:53 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

Peace Day Song Recording

We recorded a song that we sang at the peace day competition and it was fun. The thing that I like is that we did not become ashamed and we did well. I mean like the song that we recorded, I did not believe that it was coming from us.

When it was our [chorus] turn to go on the studio I thought we are going to see other people but luckily we did not, we just saw our music teachers only. I became like owe thanks God we did not see other people cause I’ that person who don’t to be seen when I’m doing something

By: Siwoxo Likho on November 19th 2014 11:59 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

The recording was good and exciting. I enjoyed my day at the studio. I was hoping to get something to eat at the studio because I was so hungry it’s like I could eat someone alive. I’m looking forward to see the song on MTV base even though we didn’t make a video of our song.

By: PULO KAMVELIHLE on November 20th 2014 02:45 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

the recoding is de best to awaerent becouse the fere weell
i want the best of the awerent ilike this recording the choras
i weel done for that i think so the awerent is the best for me becouse the best thing for awerent
the recornding is good for that the repers is the best for that the c.m.veelm is the best for the awerernt i like this the recornding.

By: Amanda Masa on November 19th 2014 11:58 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

It was an awesome day to me and i had so much fun with other students.When we arrived we had to wait outside because they were busy so we went to another park while waiting outside so we took photos and it was quiet place you could see some of students passing by and it was an enjoyment to me,I was the one who took most pictures there and others.

What we did axactly there we were recording our peace song for awanet and it was so much fun.It was so easy to record an ulbum,as students we learnt alot because some of us has an opportunity to go other places.We thank Rhodes university to take their time bt working with students like us.I had so much fun.

By: Mihlali Ncula on November 19th 2014 11:57 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

My peace day reconding it was on 18 November 2014.It was my first day to go in studio and recoding a song i was so happy and enjoy what i am doing.And i wish that what i am doing was so good and we take photo with my freinds.And want to say to terry thanks for everything she doing for us.

By: Siyamthanda Mtshungwa on November 19th 2014 11:56 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

Yesterday it was our peace day song recording and felt so happy that we are going to have a CD. It was very funny we were at Rhodes and we were taking photos and some photos were funny photos. Then when I get into the studio I felt so excited. But the recorder was taking one rapper at a time to record his or her verse but were at the other room by the time they record although we heard everyone who is recording.But I felt very scared when it comes my turn to record but as the time goes I fely happy. But when the recorder take three of chorus I felt scared that my voice will burn out from other voices but we did although I was scared but we do very well. And it was my first time to record a song at a studio. We had a lot of fun from there no one were laughing each other.

By: Nqola Sihle on November 19th 2014 11:56 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings



By: Memory Masundi on November 19th 2014 12:14 [0 comments]

Peace Day Song recordings

My recording was a succsess to me i learnt a lot of things e'g how to record on the studio how to stand on the mice you musn't stand so close on the mice when you are been record we must also not make noise on the recording lab becuase it will desturb the recorders who are recording the song.

I had a lot of fun at the recording yesterday we took some nice photos and also crazy photos i had fun a lot with my class mates although Im living the school this year im going to miss awerenet a lot because awerenet helped me a lot on computers now i can use computers in manyt different ways.

By: Royi Thawaxolo on November 19th 2014 11:55 [0 comments]