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my day in scefest

MY DAY IN SCEFEST 2014-03-18

1. Did you like the scifest or not?

Yes I did

2. What was interesting?

The magic man who called Olwethu Dyantyi and the man who is a caption on the ealoprain

3. What did you learn?

I learn science, games.

4. What have you seen in SciFest?

magic and some fun I saw some games.

By: Siwoxo Likho on March 18th 2014 02:16 [0 comments]

my day on scifest

1.Did you like the scifest or not?
Yes I did like the scifest.
2.What was intresting?
we were reading books and there was someone who was telling us about his story .He told us what kind of a family he was from, and how he succssed . That was an intresting story.
3. What did you learn?
I learn a lot because he told us everything is possible,and I learn you have to work hard for what you want and what you want to be when you grow up.
4.What have you seen at scifest?
I saw Olwethu dyatyi and Berritin who was telling us about his story
5.Did you attend to a workshop?How was it?
No I didn't attend a workshop.

By: James Silindokuhle on March 18th 2014 02:22 [0 comments]


1.yes i did like the sciefest it was fun.
2.What was interesting was how a solar car works.
3What i learnt is how a solar car works the solar it works by the sun if the is no sun the car wont work but if the is a sun the car will work propaly
4.I saw a talking robot its a science and technology robot it can talk and walke.
5.Yes it was fun and it was ertertaning.I learnd so many things at the wrk shop.

By: Royi Thawaxolo on March 18th 2014 02:15 [0 comments]


I learned lots of things in sciefest such as how to be a scientist ,what do you do
to became a scientis and what subjects you will do to became a scientist.And other things that iv'e learned in a sciefest is to how to a engeneering.And those things that iv'e learned make me feel's like i am doing them now.Other things are
very difficult to me.


I 've seen a pilot he is an black american he told us his story from top to bottom.He told his story when he was young ,he told us that he was in a poor family ever.And he was also looking for the job ,and he told us that he go to all airpots to find a job of a pilot.He said there was no person to help him ,but at the end he met a man was also looking fo this job.


My intresting was to learn a lot of thigs that a scientist must do because also i wanted to be a scientist, that is my dream and i hope it will came true.


Idid like a sciefest because it learned me a lot of things to do ,and how to a something that you wanted to be in your life.


I did attend the workshop beacause it was realy intresting me.

By: Matsolo Ntsika on March 18th 2014 02:17 [0 comments]

sciefest africa

sciefest 2014

1.did you like the sciefest or not?
2.What was interesting?
3.What did you learn?
4.What have you seen at sciefest?
5.Did you attend to a workshop?How was it?

1.Yes i did like the sciefest because it was great.
2.It is when i saw Barrington irvin,Olwethu dyanyi and the towship space boy.
3.What I've lean't is that you aspire to inspire than to expire.
4.I saw magic man called Olwethu and he was amazing.I also saw captain Barrington from Washington DC Telling us about his background and we were all sad in the room.We also saw the first black person to space and he told us how he went through all the challenges and it was amazing and they all inspire us.Iso saw Kay cee from radio Grahamstowm we took a picture with him and we also took a picture with Barrington.
5.Yes i did and it was awesome.

By: Mcoboki Thawodwethu on March 18th 2014 02:23 [0 comments]

science festival

1.Did you like the scifest or not?
yes because is very funy and amazing.
2.What was interesting?
there lot of things that something like is blowing all things science.
3.What did you learn?
I,ve learn

By: Papu Siyabonga on March 18th 2014 02:21 [0 comments]

Science festival

What did you learn in scifest?

I've learned many things such as not to throw expired medicines and needles in dustbins.Maths and science are very important to me.I also learned that there are plants that were not mean't to grow here in South Africa.I learn that unsafe water can contain cholera and it can be dangerous to someone.

What have you seen at Scifest?

I've seen that there are cars that can move with only water and no petrol.I also seen plants that grow in oceans only and there are insects that eat alien plants here in South Africa.

Was was interesting?

It was the biggest bird that it was the first time I see it,they say it was found in Japan I forgot its name.It was the openning of Scifest it was awesome and I saw the first black man that was in space.

Did you attend to a workshop? How was it?

We attended a workshop it un and I've learned some few thing about the career that I chose, the Engineering it is a great job and they get a good/high salary

By: Mpongoshe Buntu on March 18th 2014 02:15 [0 comments]

Scifest 2014

1.Did you like the SciFest or not/
Yes but it was a little bit boring.

2.What was interesting?
It was the story of the first Black person that is going to be in Space this year.

3.What did you learn?
I have learnt that I must work hard at school and research about what I want to be so that I can archieve in life.

4.What have you seen at SciFest?
I saw Olwethu Dyantyie the black space man.

5.Did you attend to a Workshop?How was it?
No I didn't attent it.

By: Kosi Jennifer on March 18th 2014 02:13 [0 comments]

SciFest 2014


Scifest was kind of boring but not that boring. I enjoyed my self and also learnt a lot of new things I did not know. It really taught me things that could help me in future. I was also the volunteer of the AWARENET stand where we had to advertise stuff to people who do not know about AWARENET. I also enjoyed that part because we had to share something others do not know and have.

By: NDAWUNI AVIWE on March 26th 2014 04:49 [0 comments]

SciFest 2014

My plans for my holiday I am planning on seeing other cites and other people and see how other people live life but most of all seeing my future wife.

By: MANONA BULELA on March 26th 2014 04:51 [0 comments]

SciFest 2014

1. Did you like the SciFest or not?
- Yes I do like the SciFest

2. What was interesting you?
- I was very interested that most people up there are having something that I have dream about.

3. What did you learn?
-I have learn how to re-use or recycle things and how to save water,also what to do when I have an expired medicines.

4. What have you seen at SciFest?
- I have seen the storm how it comes and where did it comes from.

5. Did you attend to a workshop?How was it?
- Yes I do attend it was very great and it was very impressive. It was the day that I will never forgot. But I was very scared when it comes the science part because it makes me shocked and there was something that makes me lough.

By: Nqola Sihle on March 18th 2014 02:16 [0 comments]