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an interview about anti littering

What do you think Anti littering means?

Anti littering means the dirty place.

What forms of littering do you get.

It makes people very ill.

What would you do to stop Anti littering.

To report at municipality to make dust bins or clean our community.

Who would you get involved to assist in cleaning up.

Municipality would invoved in cleaning up.

Where would you clean up in your community.

I must clean at streets and schools.

By: Ntwaso Neliswa on April 19th 2013 11:45 [0 comments]

Anti littering meaning to me

The picture means to me we must trow the paper in the bin.We must look our street to be clean and neaty.We must have healthy enviroment.

By: Mapapu Olwethu on March 8th 2013 12:05 [0 comments]

anti litter meaning

This picture means don't throw in a house.Throw in to the litter.

By: Habana Asivile on March 8th 2013 12:05 [0 comments]

Anti litter meaning to me

This image tells us about the importance of reducing littering.In my point of view it says ''Littering is curable'' and if we can stop littering,the global warming can decrease easily.

By: Hoyi Andile on March 8th 2013 02:11 [0 comments]

anti littering mean to me

This picture means to me yu must think befor yu throw . and dont throw awey papers put on dirty b eern

By: Qhaza Mthetheleli on March 8th 2013 12:06 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

anti littering means that to recycle plastics and papers and what i like about this picture its because they are taking a responsibility of their university property and they are doing the right thing and us we should take responsbility of our schools and our community.
when i first heard of anti littering i went home and told my family about what is anti littering and i said starting right now we should not throw rubbish down.when the bins are full people throw the rubbish down.

By: Mgudlandlu Bongiwe on March 8th 2013 12:05 [1 comment]

anti littering meaning to me

This picture means to me don,t throw tins everywhere because you will make our soil dirty and also means to me don`t take things on your house an throw outside in the road or in the way because animals will eat those things that are can also eat those polluted things and they will get virus.

By: Matsolo Ntsika on March 8th 2013 12:05 [0 comments]

Anti littering meaning to me

This picture means to me you must not throw chowing gum outside because other poeple step on chowing gum.Because they not see chowing gum and they became angry.And you must keep your Riverside Clean and Beautiful.

By: Mali Anathi on March 8th 2013 12:14 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

This picture means to me we mus not throw papers around. we must throw them in the bin to keep our enviroment clean and tidy every day.

By: Royi Thawaxolo on March 8th 2013 12:17 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

this means to me that the a clean place is so good and you can do what ever you want to do.Like eating; playing writting and drawing.if you end you have to clean becouse if you dont clean you are doing anti littering .Some parents are going to clean what you did .We have to even stop ower parents when they are throwing things where ever.we must be careful becouse we are going to have dieses and
be sick so becareful.


By: Siwoxo Likho on March 8th 2013 12:15 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

this picture show another person don't throw don't throw in the space the community becouse govement he give a community trasport to put the rubbish outside our commnuty our street is very derty

By: Yoli Anele on March 8th 2013 02:09 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

this picture means to me don`t throw away papers everywhere because it makes the environment dirty.It also means to me that if I throw papers everywhere Im not a neat person I just like a dirt place Im a litter monster and I just hope it also means the same to other peopl

By: Mpongoshe Buntu on March 8th 2013 12:04 [0 comments]

Anti littering meaning to me

This picture means that we should not throw paper's away and we should keep our country neat and leave it beautiful.We should not throw dirty things in the river's or dams because it will kill the animals that live in the water.Anti littering it will cause dairia that will make people sick or ill.

I wan't to give people some advise.People do not throw papers around the country because we are ill because you as the people just throw papers every where the place that someone wan't to throw you don't think for another people health.

By: Thomas Mhlali on March 8th 2013 12:05 [0 comments]

anti littering meaning to me

it means a Tosser i like this picture beause i like it.this picture me i saw picture and make mistake beause that make people i like this picture make thing happening that is not that important and things wase i was talking about dont be a tosser

By: Ntwaso Neliswa on March 8th 2013 12:07 [0 comments]

Anti Littering meaning to me!

By: Terri-Lynn Penney on March 8th 2013 12:04 [0 comments]

Awarenet anti-littering kids visit Rhodes- Africa Media Matrix

On the 28th of April, Sunday- a group of 7 learners from Marry Waters High School who are currently doing the "Anti-littering campaign" went to Rhodes University Journalism Department to record an Anti-littering campaign awareness audio clip.

All the 7 hip, fresh and enthusiastic Awarenet learners participated in the recording of the audio clip which will be used for anti-littering awaress. These learners were so excited and they jumped around the Africa Media Matrix studio facilities, full of joy as it was for many of them their first time to be engulfed by microphones in a recording studio.

With the constant practise of the two page anti-littering campaign drama script, the learners showed their perfection abilities as they fluently recorded the script without any hustles, their voices blending very well ending up producing a very good sound- this is plausible.

"It was very worthwhile to spend an hour with the enthusiastic learners on a Sunday than maybe sitting in my room watching a movie or something"

The audio clip will be embedded with “anti-littering awareness campaign” picture that will be taken on Wednesday, 01 May at the Kowie River by Marry Waters High school where Rhodes students in collaboration with Awarenet CM Vellem and Marry waters leaners will clean the local river for awareness to the local Grahamstown community.

By: Sanele Ntshingana on April 30th 2013 01:55 [0 comments]

dialogue Anti littering

Khanya; how did you feel about littering
Asisipho:I feel bad about it and It destroys the world.
Khanya;There is a lot of way's to pollute the world,men.
Asisipho:Can you name one of the pollutions?
Khanya;I can name a lot of way's of pollution's ,like air pollution.
Asisipho:yeah,you are right.
Khanya;Name one.
Asisipho:Water pollution is one.
khanya:ok,see you tomorrow.

By: Khanya Prince on April 11th 2013 12:12 [0 comments]

my gedagte oor besoedeling

ek is baie opgewonde oor die projek van dit is baie lekker .omdat dit gaan oor besoedling .mense moet ophou besoedel dit is nie reg nie

By: Whilden De Wee on February 5th 2013 12:42 [0 comments]

my gedagtes oor die anti besoedeling

  1. ons is baie opgewonde oor ons die anti besoedeling projek wat ons gaan doen.ons moet ons gemeenskap skoon hou want dit besoedel die aarde en ons asem die lug in wat ons gemeenskap en ons besoedel.ons het besliut ons wil die ding bui te woon want daars te veel besoedeling wat aan gaan in die wereld.

By: Darren Thys on February 5th 2013 12:41 [0 comments]

my gedagtes oor die antibesoedeling

ek is baie opgewonder vir hierdie projek.ek dink dit sal n goeie uitweg het op die gemeenskap.ek dink dit sal help dat mense ook nie baie siek word nie. daarom is ek baie gelukkig om die projek by te woon daar is baie mense wat nie weet wat besoedeling. daar gaan ek met mense gaan praat oor besoedeling.ons wil ons gemeenskap skoon hou.ek dink ons gaan baie geniet. as mense die gemeenskap skoon hou gaan almal probeer om die gemeenskap skoon te hou.besoedeling het n uitpak op die mense se gesondheid in ons gemeenskap.dit het ook n uitpak op die klimaat.wat baie gewaarlik is vir onswat mense is.

By: Bradley Plaatjies on February 5th 2013 02:44 [0 comments]

my gedagtis oor die antibesoedeling

Ek voel baie bly en kan nie wag om meer oor te weet en begen. EK wil meer weet en leer van dit dan kan ek vir my ouers gaan leer van wat ek geleer ek tevoore n kans gekry het sou ek dit versprei het met almal . Ek hoop ek gaan nou so se nie dan ek nie meer na die klasse toe kom nie. Ek wil n verskil maak in my lewe so dat my ouers kan sien hou ek gedoen het......

By: Dillon Whitebooi on February 5th 2013 02:44 [0 comments]

my thaughts about the anti-littering project

my thaughts about the anti-littering project to me i think this project will maybe help with the littering so that there could be less littering....and am very excited to do this project because i will also teach people in my street and my family not to litter and this project will also teach me not to litter am also excited about
the outings that we will be doing in this will teach the children in my school when we do something about littering in front of them that littering is not good for our environment....because they domt know that......the other thing am excited about is that this project will keep me busy and have something important to do after school and it is important for us to know that littering is not good.....

By: Olwethu Lukwe on February 5th 2013 02:44 [0 comments]

My thought about antilittering

Iam excited to be in this project because we going to act and sing dance and do drama and join science festival and we also be in rhodes and study some project about antilittering finding more about littering.

By: Sindiswa Mayi on February 5th 2013 12:43 [0 comments]

my thoughts about the anti-littering project

,My thoughts about the anti-littering project are seeing children at school making a different in their
homes and community.I think we should not litter in the school grounds or in the dams and rivers because the animals can die,also human beings because some people who don't have taps in their homes and drinks water from the rivers and factories around the community even hospitals so my message to the people in all community is that don't litter around the community the factories and the hospitals or it will kill the community,the people,the children and the animals that are there in the world it also causes death to the that are littering in the community and people that litters in rivers or in the dams they must stop littering in the rivers,dams,environment,factories and hospitals it will kill the environment and it will also kill the community.I just want to say to those people that are around the world that we must not litter around even in every community in every world.

By: Yamkela Ntshoko on February 5th 2013 12:42 [0 comments]

my thoughts anti littering

i think i am gonna make a big difference in school i well tell them they must stop throeing papers around. If I tell them they would still throw around, at least if there are other forces pushing awareness they would perhaps listen.

By: Sinesipho Sophiwe on February 5th 2013 12:45 [0 comments]

What anti littering means to me!

This picture guid me to take paper over the street it means that i make area clean up.The areas women or men can be able to clean up the streets so that we can not get the TB.TB come from the Anti littering becouse when you let the papers go you do make anti littering .Anti littering its something that is dirty like bish its an anti littering becouse its a dirty thing . Dirty thing its not right in our invoroment becouse it make us go to be dead thats means Anti littering is not right at our life when the dust come to our lungs go dead.

Imean that everyone have a right to develop her self.

By: Donyeli Zimkhitha on March 8th 2013 12:11 [0 comments]