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Using the Sketchpad

awareNet now has a sketchpad! This means that you can edit, draw on or add text to images - directly in the browser! Try it out: visit any image gallery ('Pictures', above), choose a picture and follow the [scribble on this] link underneath:

Note: This feature works with Firefox, Google Chrome and all other modern browsers. It does not work with all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer - if you don't get the link to scribble on images, this is why. We recommend using Firefox to get the most from awareNet.

Me, I'm going to use this picture of Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. Because he's a dreamboat:

Following the link brings us to the sketchpad app:

We can then use the drawing tools to edit the image just the way we want it:

There. Much better. All that remains is to save our changes back to the gallery. Look for the blue save button on the toolbar at the top:

Saving the image can take a few minutes if you're on a slow internet connection: it does work - just wait for it to do its thing. Once complete you should land in a new image gallery called 'My Sketches'. Your picture is ready to insert into blog posts, projects, forum replies and so on. Tag it with a few sensible keywords so that you and others can find it again later.

You can then search for these tags when you want to add the image to something, perhaps a comment on a friend's profile:

That's it! Any questions, drop them in the comments.

Posted: July 3rd 2012 08:45

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