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Open day: all about computer

I have learnt how to use computer things with Lukas.Things like when you open your computer you have a screen in front of you the screen is your desktop upwards in screen you have your applications you have fire fox and Libreofficewriter, fire fox you Google or you search for the Wapage.In the writer office you write your things or you make yourself a C'v.In the file system of the computer you find this things Download,Picture,Documents whereby you can paste and cut,copy,find undo.And you can save your images or documents and paste them in your pictures,Documents or downloads.Fire fox has Google,wikpadia save as it works everywhere.You also find this things calculating or Excel Google.How to send a picture/document to a email.You go to your picture or document and then click two times to the picture or document then you save it as then you go to your email address and then you right click then you scroll down you will find paste then you paste it.
Posted: April 23rd 2015 02:55

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